Donate? Nah..

To me, if a donation is required for a contest/giveaway, it’s not really a donation.

It’s more like a fee for joining.

So then it’s like a contest where you have to purchase something to be entered to win whatever the host was giving out. And in the “purchase”(aka required donation), you don’t get anything back(unless you win).

Anyone want to share their thoughts on this?



12 thoughts on “Donate? Nah..

    • Basically, I’m saying that “donations” shouldn’t be required to win a contest/giveaway.

      If a donation is required, the donation is like a payment. So for example, if I am doing a giveaway for frisky, and I say for people to join, you have to donate an item.

      Now put that in a real life I’m giving away a car, and to enter in the giveaway, you have to donate $50.

      The car is like the frisky I’m giving away, and the $50 is like the item that you have to donate.

      I see donations as something voluntary.

  1. lol people go crazy when no one donates
    and most of the time the prize(s) are very suckish
    just doesn’t make any common sense

  2. Me= >-<
    Even if I had a bp giveaway, no one would donate anyway. They'll just be all like, "Yay free bp!" let's just reblog. now we're done. ._.
    So I'm just like super annoyed. And then no one ever does the tasks for contest, so it's pointless even having one. .-.
    and then they make random excuses for why they didn't do it, like "I was sleeping!" even though I gave them 3 entire days to do it. -_-

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