Eh..I believe that the person is just lying about the trackers.

Yes, there are trackers that track user IP addresses (which if you do use one, you really should have a privacy policy that includes what you will use the information for), but they won’t work with However, they would work for blogs.

But just because its a lie(just about the trackers part; and I’ll keep my claim until proven otherwise), doesn’t mean you should just say you viewed the blog 20 times even when you didn’t. The host is depending on you to be honest that you did view the website 20 times.



21 thoughts on “Trackers?

  1. I was looking if you had an IP address tracker post somewhere here because I need one right now (long story)

      • I tried. how do you convert a url to an IP address? email me, if I can’t do it I’ll make you do it for me lol, I need to see if some IP addresses match, I could explain the story on email

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