What’s that? Butterflies?

No..this isn’t about another time when a butterfly tried to attack me.

I see..a new blog on the horizon!

Since this blog is new, it doesn’t have a solid audience, so why don’t you see the blog in its infancy?

To show her our greetings, lets get her some views(meaning taking at least taking a peek at her blog)!

Here is the link: http://fantagebutterflies4nons.wordpress.com/

~Jeff 👍🙌👌


11 thoughts on “What’s that? Butterflies?

  1. I’ll make sure to visit it later. (A butterfly attacked you once? I never thought they were so viscous!)

  2. A butterfly attacked you? Wow..
    Btw… Thanks so much again Jeff! Just to tell you, that was my blog guys. Lol.

      • Hi Jeff! Are you on right now? Because I was wondering if I could interview you for the Interviews With… page? Could I? Please and thanks!

          • Thanks! Just answer the following questions… Lol.
            1.When did you start fantage?
            2.What level are you on fantage?
            3. Do you have a “wun” A.K.A. fantage boyfriend or girlfriend?
            4.Who is your best buddy on fantage and why?
            5.Thanks for taking your time with me! (LOL this one is not really a question but idc…)

          • 1) I started fantage in 2011 when my cousin showed me it.
            2)I am around lvl 140? Lol I’m not entirely sure, since I hadn’t been on in a while. But I’m level 59 on wizard101.
            3)No..I don’t..I probably would if I and her(username is something like candycane?) went on more. Last time I was on, boyfriends and girlfriends were still called “one”. I remember when they used to be called “beb”..
            4) I don’t really have a best buddy on fantage. But if I had to choose, it will be kitten1411 because she was one of the old-time friends that I recently talked to. If you ask about on W101, then it’s definitely Mark Legend.
            5)your welcome!

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