I’ve Never Really Met Stupid on Wizard101..

..until I saw Chase.

Some background: He is a level 10 warlord. Nothing intimating about him expect for the pvp title and his resist- which is 50%. I’m pretty sure if I pvp him one on one, I’ll beat him. Just use infallible and unstoppable to get pass most of that resist. Only thing I’m worried from him is weakness and tower spam.

Why do I think what I think of Chase? It’s not just because he was running in a circle on a hydra mount and said he was a “wunnie”(and he wasn’t dressed like a rabbit, which I’m sure that was what he was trying to say.

It’s just because of the way he spoke. He was talking liek dis. Not that I have a problem with people saying “dis” for “this”. I get the “saving space and time” thing. But he said “like” like “liek”. “liek” is the same amount of characters as “like”, and it uses the same letters. But he had to spell it wrong. And didn’t bother to correct it. Even if after he misspelled something else, he corrected that word. He just didn’t correct “liek”.

I, personally, never really liked warlords. Or people of a high PvP rank. Because they use TC to gain their rank. I believe that someone who is truly great a PvP don’t need to use treasure cards. I have yet to see a warlord that never used a TC to get his or her rank(so in a sense, they are like phonies to me).

Warlords also remind me of jade players* (aka jadezillas*) because they have high resist.


*Jade players (aka jadezillas) are people who wear jade gear, which is the clothing set from the Keepers Lore Pack(someone correct me if I’m wrong). They are called stuff like “Jade Robe of Mystery”. The robe itself at a lower level can give 11% resist to all damage. And in total, the person wearing the full level 90 version of the gear can have 50% resist or more– about the same as a typical warlord.


7 thoughts on “I’ve Never Really Met Stupid on Wizard101..

  1. What`s your name on W101?
    I wanna add you~
    My name is: jrfpopstar21
    Ignore that…
    Somebody already took jrf10… 😦

    • I’m not gonna say my username..but I’ll say my character’s name: Austin Shadowsword

      Give me a true friend code? Or you want me to give you one?

    • Don’t chu have a blue colored wordpress pic?

      But yeah..I can understand if its to shorten characters, but when you spell something like that and it has the exact same amount of characters as how you would regularly spell it..

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