Fantage Membership Giveaway, maybe.

I’m thinking of giving one away..but since it will be a big giveaway, I’ll kick start it when you guys get me 20,000 views maybe? 😉

I’ll need to be able to earn enough points on InstaGC.

Note: it will be more likely for me to be able to do more giveaway like these if I earn enough “money” from you guys, such as from ads from my other sites, people signing up on my referral link, and other ways.


If anyone wants to sign up for InstaGC under my referral link, feel free to comment.

16 thoughts on “Fantage Membership Giveaway, maybe.

  1. I can sign up AGAIN for instagc. I can get 500 points in about 2 weeks. I gtg sleep now.

    But keep your earnings and time. 😀

  2. LOL
    I wish but I sadly have no phone for InstaGC.
    I doubt my sister will let me use hers!
    BTw, your both the same age!
    Well, she`s already 15 this year!

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