One Thing

What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do and why?

You can either comment your response here, or make a post on your blog and put your post’s link in the comments. I’ll read and take a look at them!

If you decide to comment a link, please make sure that your comment does not contain ONLY a link(or else it will be marked as spam by the system), and to help bring more people into the conversation, feel free to also add a link to this post on your own post(that you commented).



12 thoughts on “One Thing

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  3. I’ve always wanted to become an author and write a book then publish it so that lots of people read it, and if they liked it I was gonna make an epic movie based off of it and hoped it would get an amazing rating. ” all just because I feel like it.”

  4. I always wanted to do so many:
    Record a song, make an FB account, reach level 1, 000 on Fantage and become the ultimate person on W101~

    • Ultimate person on w101.. you’ll have to get past a ton of overlords lol (in terms of pvp)

      I have an FB account ^~^

      Record a song..I tried doing that..except once I got recording, I froze and didnt want to sing or anything lol

  5. I always wanted to do something different for a change. Take a break from my life and maybe travel around the world.. Or skydive in a random place in Hawaii. Or maybe even try eating something foreign. I want to explore life, and the world because you only live one life and I’m not going to be locked in my room… And because you’re living for a reason, so you might as well make your life yours and do what you want to do.. Instead of being told to do something.

    Oh wow that doesn’t make sense. ._.

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