Chicken and rabbits

Yes, I did use the word “cute” lol. And guys do use it 😉

I like my pets. Sometimes I can stare at them for hours. Just watching them walk and eat.


Note: that’s only one of the chickens..s/he has about 8 other siblings outside waffling around with him/her.

13 thoughts on “SO FREAKING CUTE.

  1. aaaw thats a cute chicken.
    btw i had about 1 chicken before, which laid around 18 eggs. and from it around 12 hatched. and it wass sooo cute!!!!!!!!! i wish i took a pic, but i didnt 😦
    and now we gave away our chickens and we have a dog!!!!!!!
    i have always wanted a bunny, but my mum said i want allowed cos we already had too many pets. that why we gave the chickens. but i still have a lot of birds!!!!

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