An Interesting Idea for Fantage

You know how Wizard 101 has official fan sites that have applied and been approved? And Wizard 101 also gives codes to their official fan sites to give out.

Fantage should do a similar thing; accept applications from bloggers that wish to be an official fan site, and Fantage can give those sites codes for stars, gems, ecoins, and maybe deluxe items(that you can’t trade or sell excluding at lucky Bob’s) to their fan sites to give away.

The codes, are of course, one time use, so people can’t just go posting it publicly on the internet and suddenly 100k people get that “deluxe” item.

The idea of making it no trade/sell is to prevent people from taking it from other accounts, and to make it seem more special.

Any opinions on this?

Note: Feel free to reblog this post in order to spread the idea! Maybe if enough people are taking about this, someone over at Fantage will take notice?

EDIT: I’ve covered some concerns in the comments section of this post. You will just have to read through my comment replies.


27 thoughts on “An Interesting Idea for Fantage

    • Yea…well, it’s mostly about trust and integrity. Fantage could be following their official fan sites to see if they give the code away our not. They could prevent the code from being used by the blogger’s account. I know wizard 101 has certain requirements to become a fan site.

  1. I dont think its a good idea, because now days people just trade on Fantage. Also, let Wizard 101 have that. But its a good idea, just wont be to Fantage. They wont even use my great idea on how to prevent scams.

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