Those Shoes~

~still an awesome song though.



68 thoughts on “Those Shoes~

          • Well…… Is it that bad? Seventh grade?

            Then im asking my dad to quit freaking Chinese school!!! I hate Chinese school!! It has the WORST hours ever. Ugh. Do u think this is bad hours for Chinese learning?: 4:30 – 8:00 PM.


          • Yes it’s bad. I honestly don’t see a need for Chinese school..since its not like you are moving to China when you grow up and stuff..but yea, maybe u should ask your dad if you can quit Chinese school so you can focus on your regular studies.

          • Im not asking him to let me do out. Ill end up in years after. Then, he’ll yell at me, and give me a lecture on how I will regret it not learning Chinese when I grow up.

            WTF. Im already too busy with school that’s 8 hours, soccer practice that’s 2 hours, 2 hours doing homework.

            I even run home after school to start right away. But if you add it up, I finish everything at 8 PM. Every Monday and Wednesday. I have to eat dinner and everything and brush my teeth and everything.

            But my dad doesn’t understand!!!!! I would say, my dad is “bragging”. and says, when i was little, i was number #1 iin my chinese school. blegh. i could memorize every word in the textbook.

            and whenever I mention the word Chinese or china, he tells me the whole thing over again.

            Wow. That’s a lot. :/

          • well..that sucks..

            i honestly dont see how you can regret not learning chinese though the US, you only need English and you are well off..unless you are in SoCal. Then maybe spanish would be good too because of all the hispanics.

            but now you have the experience, and if you end up pressuring your own child someday, you might remember how hard it was for you and be more considerate..

          • No no. I call this much homework today:
            3 math worksheets
            2 singular and noun worksheets
            Read 4 chapters of wizard of Oz, write 1 summary each chapter read.
            Social studies, review questions. #1-8
            Spelling, abc order..
            Read for 40 minutes

            All that on a SOCCER PRATICE day for me.
            And soccer practice for me is 2 hours. Ugh. Im still doing homework right now.

          • A lot less? You’re like.. In 10th grade! Or even 9th!

            The nouns WAS easy. But guess what? Some idiot, annoying frenemy of mine, asked me what are “plurals”? Im like *smacks head* -ignores- And I said “Plurals are words in dictionaries, look it up.” That “girl” is supposedly the dumbest in the class.

          • I’m ninth grade. It’s just that it seems overwhelming for English and geometry(mostly the weekend homework). For each week, I need to read a total of an hour(over a 3 day period, so 20 min per day) and have 5 writings for each week…I’m thinking of using my old writings from last year..

  1. This is my homework:
    1 essay on junior high vs. elementary
    2 lit. response
    answer 15 english Q’s on a short story
    1 page of history homework; 10-15 problems
    read section 3 of science, chapter 1
    do the workbook pages for that section
    25-35 math problems
    2 theory packets for orchestra
    -.- so much

  2. Well. This convo about homework reminds me I have to do it!! Ugh. I just have to read 1 more chapter then im done! For the night… I have more homework. Dx im doing the rest tomorrow morning.

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