Mrgn & Salwa

Just to start a fresh conversation, what do you guys need help with?




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15 thoughts on “Mrgn & Salwa

  1. you got my name wrong Dx
    So the problem is Salwa and Daniyah have this page on their blog:
    Please also read our conversation at the bottom.

    with content from this girl, her site:

    and according to her terms of use blah blah blah Salwa doesn’t understand and I don’t know how to help her and exactly what’s with the WordPress rules.

    Please help,

    • Okay..FIRST..

      You don’t need to censor every single link to other websites you know. They ARE allowed..spamming them or advertising(in return for anything) is not allowed..

      General Terms Of Use
      You are not allowed to take anything from this site and offer on your own for others to take. REDISTRIBUTING of my graphics will NOT be tolerated.

      Me: Okay. That part is saying that you can’t take anything from the website and offer it on your own for others to take. Like, putting one of her graphics on your website, and saying others can use that graphic.
      Direct linking is strictly forbidden, unless there is a code provided for you under the image you must save it to your computer and upload it to your own site. You may NOT remove my link from the codes. I require credit for any of my creations you take from my site.

      Me: This means that you can’t just copy and paste(i’m pretty sure). If you see the picture, and there is no HTML code under it, then you have to save the image to your computer and upload it to your website yourself. If there is a HTML code under it, then you must use the HTML code. The link to her site that you see in the HTML can’t remove it. If you use anything from her site, give credits. You have to give credits.

      Nothing on this site may be taken and claimed as your own.

      Me: You can’t take anything on her website and say its yours.

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