Here Foreverball.

This is the entire list of stuff in health..





Sorry if its a little hard to read.


51 thoughts on “Here Foreverball.

    • Yea..I know it’s sideways lol

      You’ll get there in a few years..

      I honestly don’t get the sexual assault thing yet..guess I’ll see it when we get there..

      • …. Do we HAVE to? Like math classes? Or is it extra curriculum? If u SUPPOSED to learn about it, my sis already learned it..

          • Boo.

            Last year, when we have that family life video.

            The school combined the vid with the boys and girls. So it was awkward.. The whole class was laughing when it said “when the breast grows bigger.” I shouldn’t have said that, you’re a boy……..


          • Yeah saw it, but it was in 5th grade..

            We DID have a slip for it, I never gave it to my parents, they’d never let me see it. But my teacher said “give me the skip if your parents said NOT to watch the video.” I never even asked them, because they will punish me for the school letting children watching it.

            Anyway, we had it combined, so its less…. U know. Inappropriate. But I guess it’s better. And bows part.. Was worse than the girls.

          • Yea..I k it was in fifth grade..

            You’ve got to marvel at the old fashion thoughts of Asian

            Well, some are lucky and have more..less strict..Asian parents that seem normal.

          • They would punish you for what the school did?

            So you didn’t really need to tell your parents and have them sign saying yes? We had to..

          • Cause you know, better to have someone educated when the things happen than have them not know anything about it and think they are turning into freaks or something lol

          • Oh. O.O anyways, the school won’t bust u for it. Not like their stalkers…. But schools do stalk.. They know your address and stuff.

            But, there isn’t really a way for them to figure out.. There wasnt any signing for it. I think.

            And my parents are the half strict half fun ASIAN parents. They take things so serious like my education, and things about fun…well not fun, they take my soccer games so serious too. When I lose, they tell me its a waste of money and stuff. But about the fun, all we do is talk abiut McDonalds.. I don’t really have this special bond with my family. That’s sad. 😦 Because I talk more to my friends than my older sister, and I’ve known my friends for 3/4 of my life.

          • That’s all we talk about. All the other stuff is about school and everything. Well. It’s different for my mom and dad. I only talk about McDonalds with my dad. But with my mom, its so different. We laugh about my school days and her work schedules. We talk abiut the funny things that happened in the past.. I don’t talk about those things with my dad, its awkward..
            Oh yeah, my dad owes me 60 bucks. Asking him in a few weeks in my birthday. X3 the money, 😀

          • xD okay

            But..really..just McDonalds with your dad? o.o that’s..that’s..a small topic..or strange one..can’t decide which..and why McDonald’s? lol

            From wt I read, it seems your relationship with your mom is

          • Well for u, Jeff. It’s different. Im still in elementary school, more recess to talk. But u, u have like… 5-10 minute bathroom and snack breaks between your classes. U can talk with them at that time. Right? You can’t be all that busy in high school.

          • The last time I talked to my sister was a few hours ago at dinner when she said “Can I eat your meatball?” Said yes, obviously cuz I didn’t want it. But before that, I talked to her 2 weeks ago..

          • Im shy too. But at school, im like screaming and yelling.

            For classes, they can’t be THAT far right? You can get your friends and walk to classes together. And leave each other off as u go.

          • I don’t know..and yes, they are that far. lol espically when I have to go up stairs..

            For me, it’s just the opposite. Home is where I’m like screaming..

          • Well no. Not just McDonalds. We talk abiut SCHOOL, SCHOOL, AND SCHOOL. and CHINESE. and BORING stuff. If we don’t, I don’t talk t him. He always comes home late.

            At school, people always talk about their dads and how they watch football, or do other stuff with their dads on weekends. My teacher talked about it about dads and stuff, I nearly cried…. Because everyone else seems to have better dads than mine. And my dad is older than some ppl. And my friend said my dad is gonna die when im 18. Wen he isn’t. 😥

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