Happy Friday the 13th!

Me..I don’t really believe in superstition..13 and 666 are just numbers to me.
Why did the devil come up with 666 anyways? Why not 555, or 000 or…never mind, I’m getting off topic..

Do you guys believe in superstition? Or do you only believe in some of them? Let me know in the comments!



26 thoughts on “Happy Friday the 13th!

    • no idea..but some people are terribly afraid of it, and the number 13. some skyscrapers even have no 13th floor..it goes from 12th to 14th on the elevator buttons, because they can’t have a 13th floor simply because it is supposedly “bad luck”.

      Imagine playing a prank by writing “13” on a ton of papers and taping it up in someone’s room lol

  1. I’M SUPERSTITIOUS. oops…sorry for caps >.< But I was seriously born on the day after Fri 13th(AKA Saturday 14th) and sometimes superstitions come true for me….not really but you'll know what I mean..i think

      • I was superstitious ever since my mom told me ‘Your my lucky child, who was born the day after a VERY SPECIAL day!’ I asked what day and she said Friday the 13th and explained all this superstitious stuff…I learnt about it in Year 1. Ever since, I was always cautious about Fri 13th. And there was this girl who was called ‘Anne Maria Frank’ who was born on June 14th (my birthday) and my name is Anne-Marie -_-. There’s another person who kinda has the same name as my brothers name aswell :/ (The singer Elvis, his name is Elvis Aaron Presley and he was born on August 16th, my brother was born on Aug 16th AND his name is Aaron ._. Like, wtf?

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