If You Have iOS 7..

The WordPress app has an update. It has a new UI designed for iOS 7. I’m not sure if the update is only for the new iOS or not.

Here is an idea of how it looks(screenshot taken on an ipad mini):



16 thoughts on “If You Have iOS 7..

  1. They did that to twitter too. They discontinued the iPod touch I have, so I can’t update my iOS anymore. I’m stuck with iOS 6.1.3 😦 now, the only iPod they sell is iPod 5, and an iPod 6 is coming out soon. So that sucks. And now the iPhone 4 is free now…. I want one

    • Yea..what you’ve had is a beta version that I think was only meant for apple developers. I preferred to wait until the official release when things are less buggy..

      I’m kind of hating the new look of the WordPress app now..THE REPLY BUTTON DOESNT WORK..

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