This is Me..


You asked for it..and now you’ve got it!

I’ll take this post to say..thanks for viewing my blog!!



120 thoughts on “This is Me..

      • i get really pissed when people are so fucking messed up and act like i’m a child. i’m like a few months younger than you, and just stop. it’s how i act and who i am.

        • well that’s how I act, and that’s who I am. I know I’m fucking messed up, and I’m happy that way. I know I’m strange and weird, but that’s what makes me unique. I don’t act like you’re a child. I get treated like a child all the time. people just underestimate me because of my size. you don’t know who I am, you can’t fight with me.

  1. Hey! I noticed your acne went away since the last pic. No offense. :/ Or is it pimples…? …..Sorry, I say pimples to my sister so I get used to it….

    • Well, pimples are the result of offense taken(and you’ve said it in a positive way anyways-I don’t think anyone would’ve been offended if you went their acne went away).

      It’s not completely gone yet..I still have some blemishes and red spots from it..

      • Sorry….?

        And yeah, I do some dots…. Just like my sister… Is it good to have acne? O…? Cuz I don’t want it.

        • No, not good to get acne, but most people get it anyways..

          Just keep your face washed and clean daily..but don’t overdo on the face washing. And if you happen to use google to find out why you get acne, let me say this: eating greasy foods do not cause acne.

          And why sorry?

          • Oh. My mom tells me to eat less French fries or else I’ll become like my sis.

            And I said sorry because I didn’t understand. And. Say sorry about 50 times a day. Like really. During soccer practice an hour ago. Me and my friend kept on making bad passes so she and I said “Sorry” and “it’s ok” a lot. And ppl say im very apologetical. (Did I spell that right) So yeah.

          • No you didn’t spell it right..

            And eating less French fries will be good for your health(it just doesn’t affect whether or not you get acne). I think that greasy food causing acne is one of those “old school” beliefs..I know my parents believe in some false things, and even if I tell them differently, they don’t listen. Parents. XD

  2. Now I feel intimidated, because you’re like 14 nd I’m 12 ;P Gah… being a ‘pre-teen’ sucks. Oh, and I don’t notice any spots/acne now. Lucky… I have so many of them on my forehead :c

    • xD you can’t notice them in the’ll have to move closer to see them clearer. Like, if you were next by me.

      Just keep taking care of your’ll go away.

  3. I was reading the Kane Chronicles, and imagining what Carter looked like.
    Then your image, the one with the hand over your mouth popped into my mind.
    AND YOU’RE 14.
    And then I wonder if maybe you’re secretly a fictional character.

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