My Parents Can Be Summed Up Nicely in 2 Words- Racist B**ches

-.- (venting here).

Note: All cuss words in this post have been reduced to a similar version, or letters may be blocked out.

Since I don’t have much time left, here is the short story. And btw, this post is mainly focused on my mom. Not too much my dad..but I’m pretty sure he can fit well in the same category.

I am taking health class(duh). We had to bring in to the teacher a recipe from home and she would edit it to make it healthier. recipe was fine. All she took out from it was salt. Keep that in mind. Just small grains of salt was taken out of the recipe.


NOW…fast forward to today. My mom came back from the store buying the ingredients. She started to make the soup, and then when I went past her, I said(quote):

“Don’t forget to not add salt.”

And that’s when it happened. My mom LITERALLY started screaming about why there should be salt, and that she was going to put salt, or else she won’t make the food. All that just over a few spoonfuls of salt.

I then told her that if she is going to make it with salt, then I am not bringing it. So, she didn’t make the soup. Because she wouldn’t make the food, I told her that she needs to write a note saying that she can’t make the food. Then she started screaming that she won’t write a note, won’t make the soup, and the teacher can’t tell her what to do. She also started screaming about how she knows how to make the food, while basically saying the teacher doesn’t know crap.

Now here comes the racist part. My mom started going on and on about how white people only eat hamburgers and pizza and get fat, and that means my teacher knows nothing about eating healthy. Even though she is the health teacher. 

Oh, and to bring me down, my mom started criticizing me about how I can’t talk to my teachers. The thing is, there is nothing to talk about. They go on complaining about how I can’t talk, while its them. Not me. I’m okay with the recipe change; it is her that isn’t. She’s the one that should be talking to the teacher, not me. And I’m pretty sure that back in her day, she wouldn’t even dare to talk to the teacher. It’ll just get the teacher whipping the sh*t out of my mom.

My mom also went on saying that the food won’t taste good.

Oh..and last part. My mom also complained about how I wasted her time(since she had to buy the ingredients). And I am glad that I wasted her time. is a part to add:

She is actually making it now. And seemed to make it a point by adding a spoonful of salt(not even salt with iodine added) into the soup.



23 thoughts on “My Parents Can Be Summed Up Nicely in 2 Words- Racist B**ches

  1. Salt….. I find this somewhat funny…… What your mom said isnt really true. About the hamburgers and pizza. I eat those at least 1-2 times a month. And im not fat….. It depends on the person.

    If the clas says to make a recipe without salt, she could’ve read it and just, you know. Let it go about the salt problem.

    • I know..but she completely overreacted. Instead of letting it go, and making some soup without salt. Not the end of the world. lol (But she made it seem like it).

      well, 1-2 times isnt alot..i think she means tht all white ppl eat hamburgers and pizza everyday(which now I think is more stereotypical than racist, but I’m still more than 100% certain tht my parents are racist).

      • Oh. I feel ‘ya man…. My parents are like “Dont play with that girl. She’s black.” and im thinking, wtf?! I am half racist, half not. Depends on the person….

        • My neighbors are American. Eating sandwhiches for breakfast/lunch. And pizza for dinner 5 days a week. And they are reaaaaally fat. :/

          • well nothing wrong with sandwiches, as long as you make them the healthy way.

   can be healthy too(with the right ingredients), but it seems they’ve been eating all the wrong versions of food..

            wht i think might hit my parents hard in the head is a fat asian.

          • Fat asian. lol… I can’t stop laughing now. My friend is a fat asian….. Not reallly friend. ttyl, gotta get done with homework.

        • everyone is a little racist..its how people behave, but some take it into extremes..

          But wow. that just makes me feel sad..your parents wont let you play with someone just because they are black. :/

          • No. It depends. On my soccer team, this black girl like elbowed me in the stomach 3 times. She pushed me to the ground. I don’t like her. Not that I’m racist. I just don’t like people who are too over-aggressive. But yeah, we all have different sides.

          • 🙂 I like having other friends who have different nationalities. But i would say that SOME black people are veryyy lazy. depends on the person.

          • It’s great that you like having friends of different races, and etc.
            Some people are like “Ewww, shes black, I don’t want to hang out with her/him” Yes, I have seen that happening, it just makes me sad, how some people be so rude and say that to there face…. That’s really, truly sad. I have so many black friends and there actually really nice.
            People are really racist these days :/

          • Yeah. You never know what that person is like. They can be nice and be your friend or be mean and end up trying to kill you later in the future.

          • Lol maybe.
            That would be only if you were super mean to them.
            I mean why would you hate someone if they didn’t do anything to you?

  2. Haha my mum is just like this. She flips out randomly over the stupidest things and has these mood swings and constantly makes ***chy comments. Parents…. -.-

  3. Lol really?
    My mom would make the soup right away because she doesn’t want me to get bad grades! xD
    Actually she would make me do it with her. So I can learn how to cook even though I already now how to :/
    Plus did your mom really actually say that thing about hamburgers and white people???

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