Since T&S is Closing- What’s the Point?

What’s the point of buying Fantage items from people with real life money, or buying items in T&S for often ridiculously high prices?

Vintage Gold will allow you to vote what item you want them to bring back.


A Fantage item seller on Facebook is selling frisky hair for $5. You buy it.

Vintage Gold comes back. One of the items they are now selling is frisky. The exact same frisky hair you just bought for $5. But this frisky hair costs only around 1,500(just an example) ecoins.

Personally, I’ll rather get the hair for free(in a sense), than spend $5 on it.


Do you think it will be worth it to buy any Fantage item with real life money now that T&S is closing?


14 thoughts on “Since T&S is Closing- What’s the Point?

  1. I agree. But you never know if Vintage Gold will work out or not……If it’s a downfall, it was a pretty good advantage to buy with Amazon/PayPal. Let’s just wait and see….
    What’s their Facebook name? I wanna buy from them.

    • lol..and I dont know. I just made that example up.

      So far, Vintage Gold sounds promising. So I guess it’s up to what you want your approach to be. Either it can be rewarding for you, or you just ripped yourself off.

  2. I hope they put the items in Vintage Gold for stars…
    But they probably won’t because they want more to buy with eCoins.
    But they could also put for stars because it will be really hard to get eCoins now 😦

  3. You can always sell those items bought by real money for ecoins.
    Example: someone sells BB hair for $5.
    You can sell BB hair for 310,000 eCoins (or the least is 120,000).
    Whilst you can’t even buy that much ecoins with just $5.

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