Got Hacked! Please help!

Randomness by Moi

Hey guys, I got hacked on Fantage. On Monday, I have 50000+ ecoins. Now, I have 52. No, I did not spend it.

But, I have this plain white tee in my inventory, which I did not buy.

Please contact Fantage for me, whether by the contact us thing or by email or phone.

If you do, i love you and thanks a million! I spent real money to buy those ecoins.

When you are playing, there is a “contact us” thing, and click it, and fill something out. It should look kind of like this,

“My friend Liaoyuqing recently got hacked. She has lost 50,000 or so ecoins, give or take a few. It happened sometime on October 22 or 23. She has received a plain white tee in her inventory, which she did not buy. Please return the ecoins, and if you can, ban the user who hacked…

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