Wizard101 Releases a New World! Khrysalis!


Whew..okay, still freaking out over the big update. I felt like screaming YEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! when I saw all the updates, but I didn’t, for the sake of keeping my parents from thinking I’m crazy.

View all the update notes here: https://www.wizard101.com/game/update-notes/testrealm

One of the updates includes A new school of magic called “Shadow Magic” that requires Shadow Pips to be casted. But be warned-there is a “backlash” to using Shadow Magic that will cause you to be damaged. It’s damage is not dependent on any resists, wards, or charms.

Oh, and there is a new world…Khrysalis! With the addition of this toe part world, max level has been increased to 95.

There are also a TON of other small updates, all of which I can’t wait to hit live!



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