So I Got Contacts

The ones I got are called something like “corrective hard lenses”.

The basic thing it does is reshapes the eye. I wear it at night, then in the morning,I take it off. My vision will progressively become better, until I won’t even need to wear glasses during the daytime.I have to continue wearing the lenses throughout life, or else soon my eyesight goes back down to its original spot.



18 thoughts on “So I Got Contacts

    • I know..last night I almost lost it in my eye..and I poked the DMV at the lenses so much that the section of my eye where the lenses were at got a little red lol

  1. I’m a wimp so I tried using night contacts but it didn’t exactly work out.
    I got too scared and never got it in my eye.
    I’m scared of sharp things near my eye.

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