What Do You Think “Popularity” Means?

What do you think it means when someone is popular?

I think it means that a lot of people know that person. Which basically makes me popular in middle school lol even if I was the quietest kid in the grade. I mean, everyone seemed to have known me, even when I didn’t know them..

I was probably very distinctive from being one of the only people with a rolling backpack.


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17 thoughts on “What Do You Think “Popularity” Means?

  1. No, a “popular” person basically wears the best clothes, has the most friends, everyone knows them, the girls tend to wear skinny jeans and look good all the time & they’re like so skinny and the boys also wear skinny jeans (awk) and are on the basketball team or a sports team.
    A “popular” person is either really bitchy or just ignores you.
    A “popular” person doesn’t bother to speak to “unpopular” people.

  2. I don’t know if this is true but in movies, the “popular” kids don’t talk to the uncool people. and they seem to have the best clothes, and are mean, if you’re talking about people. If you’re talking about skinny jeans, then that’s different, 🙂

  3. I don’t know. We don’t exactly have “popular” people at my school. I did have some at my old school though…
    They’re the ones who dress the best.
    They’re the ones who make fun of people.
    They’re the ones who I have the most.
    They’re the ones who are mean.
    I got to a private school where EVERYONE IS included which is pretty awesome. Not everybody is FRIENDS, but we all include each other. We all have our little group of friends we hang out with in every class.

  4. Popular people in my school are:
    -The most random
    -The best dressed
    -The prettiest or cutest
    -Nice to MOST people
    -Has the most friends
    IDK if I’m popular. I just go to school. O_O

    • no, the popular people at my school are not random at all. the not popular people are the random ones. the not popular girls use tumblr a lot.

      • Actually, the NOT popular people are boring. The random ones are usually the life of the party and can amp up anything.
        IDK my school is weird. xD

        • oh then your school is like opposite of mine. like I don’t mean the popular people are boring, they aren’t but they just aren’t random

  5. from how I see it. well at my school.

    girls: prettiest, dresses the best, always has people following them, always straightens/curls/crimps their hair, sets fashion trends,etc. they judge you people. they are usually on sports teams. they invite almost everyone to their parties, except the people they don’t talk to, or they think are weird. they talk behind their friend’s backs (lol but the person who talked behind my back is far from popular, even more farther than I am) bitches about people, etc. and wear the new seasons clothes, so nobody will wear flip flops until they do, or don’t wear uggs until they do. at least one of them are dating someone, and that someone is usually a popular guy. they usually sit at the same table. have an iPhone or an iPod touch. 4th gen or 5. they also like justin bieber.they are also racist. the popular girls are usually white.

    guys: cutest/hottest guys (although most of the popular guys in my grade look like potatoes) have an iPhone or an iPod touch. always wears snapbacks. usually on a sports team. the most popular are on the football team. either wears jeans, or shorts. and sports sweatpants or shorts. some wear skinny jeans. some style their hair. have tons of friends that are girls. at least one of them are dating, and usually dating someone from the popular girls. they always wear the latest sports shoes. always wear the athletic socks. I mean ALWAYS. if they wear sandals, they wear those sports sandals with those athletic socks. all sit at the same table. well, most of them.

    my one guy friend is popular but sits with the less popular guys. I feel bad for him 😦 the popular guys are huge dicks to him

    that’s all I can think of from the top of my head

  6. To be honest, thankfully where I live there’s a pretty nice school system. In high school, like 87% of the kids are nice. The rest are the most freaking snobby and spoiled people I have seen.

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