What’s Apparently “Popular” At My High School


Flipflops..except its usually guys that wear them. With shorts too. Usually these people are water polo players.

(Below-Another pic like the one above, except more visible in details)

Especially those football track pants. AND, THE PEOPLE THAT WEAR THEM DON’T EVEN PLAY FOOTBALL.

No hate whatsoever against Justin Bieber, but people wearing those football track pants above reminds me of(see JB’s pants):


And I know most guys hate against JB, but they’re dressing in a similar fashion to him- in the weird football track pants sort of way.


20 thoughts on “What’s Apparently “Popular” At My High School

  1. im a girl and i know whats in and out. and ^THAT, is obviously out. who wheres those pants and sock with sandals?

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