Zombie Attack!!!

ღRandom Thoughtsღ

I don’t know about you guys, but in my city we have been having a lot of fog a.k.a. zombie weather.

In related news, Fantage is having a zombie attack!!!


You get like 65 tickets if you survive, 60 if you almost survived and yea. You get a lot though and it’s kind of easy so if you just keep the screen open and don’t move you might be able to get 40 tickets but i think you’ll have to collect them after the minute to actually receive them.


You walk super slow if the zombies touch you and you turn green

h11h10 h8h9 

The item you get depends on the pumpkin you picked during the last event!

h7h6h5  NEW EMOTES!!! (Like from Fb)h4

Click the social button that looks like the buddy button to open up the chat and your buddy list.




These buttons got bigger!!


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