The Concept of College is Just Stupid

Note: I do plan to go to college, but here’s just what I think is stupid about it.

  1. Price
    So expensive it isn’t even funny. I understand that, yes, you can get a scholarship, but other than that, its like rich people school.
  2. Fact That You Have to Pay Even More
    On top of paying to go to college, you also have to pay to submit your application (or else they won’t review it, and I don’t think they allow you to review your own application). AND, you have to pay for your own books. Even if its required. Basically, they require you to PAY PAY PAY. “OH YOU WANNA APPLY? JUST PAY THIS FEE. YOU GOT ACCEPTED..YAY, NOW JUST PAY ANOTHER FEE. OH YEAH, AND YOU ALSO HAVE TO BUY THE BOOKS. YEP ANOTHER FEE.“- Colleges. Seems like all they care about is earning money.

All I can think of right now.


What do you think is unfair in life?



10 thoughts on “The Concept of College is Just Stupid

  1. I agree .-.
    Plus, after you finish college & university and get a degree and whatnot, you aren’t guaranteed a job, and I don’t get the point of paying such extortionate prices, just to work using your own brain >.<

  2. What’s the point of going to Stanford if it costs $100,000 each year if it’s the same education as every other university. People say it’s better..

  3. I think that the fact we have to pay for necessities is unfair. like I get it if you pay for like gatorade and pop, but it’s unfair to pay for water

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