A Question About Christianity

Note: Just don’t start arguing in the comments. And don’t put something like “Joah 5:11” (because it’s just one of my pet peeves(lol). *cough cough* don’t do it slushi..I know you are thinking of it..*cough*

If God forgives you for everything, then why does hell exist? If he forgives you for everything, shouldn’t you go to heaven?


The devil is the ruler of hell right? Why does he accept people sent there by god? I mean, if the two hate each other, then why does God give the devil people, and the devil accepts it? You’ll think that the devil wants to defy god even more, by not accepting the people.

Am I right or do I have my Christianity facts completely wrong?



130 thoughts on “A Question About Christianity

  1. Um…. I hate to say this…but I have no idea cuz im not a Christian………. O.o someone’s gonna target me now in a post.. 😦

    • Ok..congrats to you..lol

      Do you know the answers to the questions in the post? (They were honest questions; not made to be rude or dis out Christianity)

  2. I’m a Christian….

    Joah…. I believe you mean Jonah, because I believe that Joah is not a book in the Bible.

  3. If God forgives you for everything, then why does hell exist? If he forgives you for everything, shouldn’t you go to heaven?

    Well, he does forgive you for everything but… if you don’t accept that Jesus is your savior, then you won’t get saved. Jesus died for us on the cross, for US. We’re sinners, and we need to accept The Lord Jesus Christ or we will go to hell.

    • Ok..so if you accept Jesus as your savior, then basically, you are saved?

      Ok, and hell is pretty much made for those who don’t believe that Jesus is the savior.

      Am I reading it right so far?

        • Well, what I think is that, depending on whichever you believe in, it’ll apply to you. Like if you are Buddhist, then you’ll be reincarnated. If you are Christian, you will go to Heaven. I mean, it’ll seem fair if everyone was technically right, right? Instead of a ton of people being banished or whatever for having a different thought.

          • What does reincarnated mean?
            I hope this doesn’t make u mad but I was wondering WHATT religion you are?

          • Reincarnated means like “rebirth”. It’s when you die, you relive as something. That something depends on how good you were in your previous life.

            I’m atheist.

          • Oh.. Im Buddhist. Does that mean ill be reincarnated? This is confusing.
            And another question. What is atheist? I need to explore and get some more knowledge on this stuff

        • reincarnated basically means that when you die, you live again, but in a different form, like a person with a higher position, or an animal, a bug, or a servant, depending on your karma/nirvana. if you have a good karma or nirvana, you will be reincarnated/rebirthed into a higher position, say if you were a servant, you would be reincarnated into someone who is higher than a servant. if you have a bad karma or nirvana, you could be reincarnated into an animal, or a bug. Hindus and Buddhists believe in reincarnation

          • Ohhhh… Im not really sure if im an atheist or Buddhist. my family doesn’t do my Buddhism things.

        • well if you do some Buddhist things, then you are probably a Buddhist, just not a strong Buddhist. there are very religious people, and there are people who aren’t that religious, but have a religion

        • I’ve been blogging for about 3 years…. and I have been hiding it for about 2 years then showing my friends it… so idk. I don’t think blogging should be bad

          • Well. my parents are… Today my dad said to stop talking to my friend on kik. if he finds out about my blogging…for 11-12 months. Im dead.

          • I guess. I asked my dad about it, and he said were not religious at all. he said that about the Buddhist things and that sign makes it feel good or somthing. idk. we only go to temples. That’s it.

  4. Not sure of god forgives u for everything. like idk. maybe if u cuss u go to hell. if u never did, go to heaven. idk, this is what my friends said.

  5. well this debate/topic/conversation is quite interesting, this could keep going in like kik or iMessage but idk if foreverball has one.

  6. Okay, so this is what I take from my weekly Sunday church lessons.
    So, everyone sins. Everyone does something bad. No, everyone does LOTS OF THINGS BAD. They swear, they steal, they lie, etc. God sent his ONE AND ONLY SON to the Earth, so that he could die for us on the cross and take away our sins. Jesus is holy and perfect. If one was to take him as his savior, God would see that person as JESUS because Jesus takes responsibility for all wrong doings, and so the person is clean & perfect & flawless & holy.
    I think.
    This is all I remember from the pastor’s sermon lel. c:

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  8. God made hell to seperate angels and evil. Also for the people who doesn’t worship, believe and is against God goes there, period.

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