Great Comments on My Previous Questions Post

A lot more positive feedback than I was expecting. 

Then again, I’ve probably read too many posts in the Religion and Spirituality part of Yahoo Answers. Seriously, all they do there is argue about religion, and what is right or wrong. I’m surprised a Hindu guy hadn’t butted in and said, “YOU GUYS ARE ALL WRONG. WROOONG. There are actually more than one god, and that. is. a. fact.”


And btw foreverball, I just remembered that I had a friend that believes in a withcraft religion thing. He didn’t want to give a hour long lecture about the religion, so he just condensed it by saying “withcraft”.



55 thoughts on “Great Comments on My Previous Questions Post

    • no there isn’t.. There are multiple gods in different religions. They can be Polytheism or Monotheism. You’ll learn about it in 6th.

      • Polytheism is the belief in more than one god. And Monotheism is the belief of only one god. If you’re a Christian, then you would be Monotheism. Idk how to phrase that. but I think your religion would be monotheism,.

          • No you don’t. Read the other comments on the other post from yesterday. and does it matter if I don’t believe in god? no, it doesn’t.

          • Ok. Don’t come crying to me when you’re suffering in Hell all your life. Please believe in God. I don’t want you to suffer

          • R u telling me to switch my religion? sure sounds like it. -.- I never suffered in my life by not believing in god. In fact, my parents aren’t as strict as other parents because others are Christians. And im Buddhist. don’t know where im going. idc if im going to hell. as long as im happy. -.- duhh

          • I’m not telling you to switch your religion. I’m telling you that you’ll suffer for eternity if you don’t switch it. Wow, you’re saying Christian parents are strict? That’s just mean. My parents aren’t really strict. They are, but not so much. I actually am happy that they’re strict because if they weren’t, I would be like Satin’s child… Happy they’re strict

          • It’s BAD if you switch your religion. Ok? What if I tod you to switch YOUR religion to MY religion. How would feel? You would feel hurt.

          • It’s not BAD. It’s only BAD if you tell ME to switch to your religion because your religion is bad. My religion is good. UGH JUST NEVERMIND. You don’t want to believe me that Jesus died for US, whatever ignore me. -.-

          • Believing in God is bad. Start the religion I am in. You’ll feel better.

            What if I said that? To you? How would you feel? You’d feel angry right? You told me to change my religion and to start believing n God. That got me very angry and upset.

          • I don’t suffer as much as normal people do. Im happy the way I am. Im happy for my religion. Stop trying to change me, it’s not going to work,

        • Basing a truth on one source isn’t a good idea.

          And I’ll agree with your statement. That is exactly what the Bible says. But we aren’t here to argue whether the Bible contains truth or lies. What you believe in is what you believe in- it may be based on what your parents believe, or what you personally think.

          It seems like Christianity is the only religion that “shuns” the other religions that challenges it.

    • Dude, in her religion, she will be reborn until she reaches nirvana, which is the equivalent of heaven. Okay? Just, be accepting of other religions. It’s nice you’re trying to spread the word, but you should be nicer and more accepting of other religions.

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