Boston Massacre

In case you don’t know what the Boston Massacre is, it is when British troops fired at colonists in Boston (no duh). Here’s is more on it if you want:

Anyways, does anyone else find it annoying that the colonists called it the Boston Massacre? I mean, I’m happy that this country is the United States and all independent from Britain, but it still annoys me. Only a few people died, then publishers became drama queens and started calling it the Boston Massacre. Just..seriously?

I think that some people that died pretty much deserved to be shot at by the soldiers, because, seriously, wouldn’t you be angry when someone is insulting you and throwing stuff at you? I can imagine how the British troops felt. Sure, innocent people died in the Boston Massacre(which is horrible), but some of the people really needed to be shot. 

What do you think?





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