So I was reading through this task on CrowdFlower, and it was about people’s comments on gay marriage. No, I’m not trying to bring that discussion here, but one of the comments brought up a HUGE point.

In the comment, it said If god thinks homosexuality is a sin, then why would he create gays?

That, was just, woah. If you believe in Chirstianity, you believe that God created all people,  right?  And most people say gay marriage can’t be allowed because of religious reasons (pretty much stuff in the Bible, I don’t think any other religion disses out different people). So that commenter bought up a good point.

Just letting you know what I’m thinking.



20 thoughts on “WOAH. WOAH. WOAH. MIND BLOWN.

    • Ok..

      Some Christians claim that the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin, but I don’t know if it truly states that or not, since I’ve never read it.

      I know that there are Christians that believe that gay marriage is fine, but there are people that say that gay marriage isn’t. The only reason I see why they would say it isn’t fine is of religious reasons, and I don’t think any other religion besides Christianity states that gay marriage isn’t right. And I mean, that DOES seem to be the only “good” argument against it (even if they are being selfish and not thinking about someone else’s happiness-or the success of the economy). If gay marriage was allowed in all states, it would help the economy. More marriages mean more spending. Means more cash flowing. Means I might get a phone because my parents’ businesses might get more income. (They own a food place lol not a marriage type place)

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