Jailbreak And I Don’t Know What

I tried jail breaking my iPad mini running iOS 7.0.6, using the latest version of evasi0n7, and…

Well, it failed. I went through the entire process, and ended up with the evasi0n7 icon still on my home screen, instead of Cydia.

Question to you jailbreak veterans: any idea how to fix this? I tried jail breaking about 3 times now, and no success. After each attempt, I had only deleted the Evasi0n app from my iPad and started over.



23 thoughts on “Jailbreak And I Don’t Know What

  1. the first time my iPod was jailbroken, my cousin did it. I recently jailbroke my iPod again a few days ago. I used redsn0w, but that’s because they don’t have the jailbreak firmware for my device. I wasn’t able to use evasi0n because I don’t have iOS 7. I don’t think I’m much help here, I don’t have iOS 7 and and I user redsn0w instead of evasi0n. try youtube.

    • I mean that evasi0n doesn’t have the firmware I need, redsn0w had it. you might be able to do it the way I did it, but i believe that the jailbreak I used was tethered, and to make it fully untethered, you’d have to download p0sixspwn from cydia to untether it.

      tethered jailbreak is when you’d have to plug it into the computer for jailbreak mode to activate. (if you use redsn0w jailbreak tool, I think you have to pressed “just boot” to activate it)

      untethered jailbreak is when you don’t have to plug it in.

      yay i know something technological better than you do ^.^

      • I already knew what untethered and tether jailbreaks are lol


        WHAT IS UP WITH THE ZEROS REPLACING THE Os?!?! Is it just to make it seems more hacky or what o___o

        • lol okay

          I have no idea. probably. I downloaded a font from for BytaFont Cydia, and the 0 and o look nearly identical (I can tell the difference though) and it kinda bugs me but I like the font

  2. one question, why did you want to jailbreak your iPad?

    and not very many people I know have never even heard of jailbreaking, so how did you find out about it?

    well you’re like obsessed with technology so I shouldn’t be surprised that you know about jailbreaking

    • I wanted to jailbreak my ipad so tht I could install this screen recording app called Cloud Player, which was previously on the app store, but has been taken down.

      I tried installing the ipa file through ifunbox, but it failed, so I tried via itunes, but it was taking unusually long, and I had to disconnect the ipad since my mom wanted it.

      I first heard of jailbreaking from when people are talking about it. Later, I think I only truly understood it when I read something on PCWorld

      • oh. I found this one website with a download for a screen recorder for iPads and iPods and iPhones and stuff like that, but I forgot the website soooo whoops

          • Oh..well on the weekend or whenever I get the PC (planning it tomorrow since I have hw), I’m gonna try redownloading evasi0n from a different source and redoing the process. It seems that the program ISNT suppose to close by itself once it reached the end like how it did for me.

  3. oh, here are some tweaks you should download if you manage to get the jailbreak working

    p0sixspwn (if your jailbreak is tethered, I mentioned this already)
    WinterBoard (probably the number one tweak needed, it allows you to theme your device)
    SBSettings (allows you to go to your settings without going to your settings, it’s in the notification center. you can dim the screen, turn wifi and bluetooth off, etc)
    Barrel (lets your icons move around and stuff, like rolling, and stuff)
    BytaFont (changes the font of your text on anything, you have to download the fonts from cydia)
    Springtomize (allows you to customize your springboard)
    iFile (downloads things, if you download themes from websites online, you have to take them to iFile first. copy or cut the file you downloaded, and move it to ver>stash>themes)
    iCleaner (cleans out unnecessary files, I think from iFile? I could be wrong)
    Locktopus (locks folders and apps so people can’t get into them, they’d need to know the password)
    Folder Enhancer (or infinifolder, for more than 12 apps in a folder)
    AppCake (allows you to get free apps that are paid)
    iAP Cracker (free in-app purchases)
    AndriodLockXT</strong (self explanatory, give you the andriod lock with the connect the dots)
    LockScreen Tool (allows you to change the text where it says “slide to unlock”. springtomize also has the ability to do this)
    biteSMS (when you get an iMessage, you don’t have to open the app, you can reply to a message anywhere, if you’re on instagram, playing a flappy bird, etc)
    iSwipe (gives you the ability to swipe across the keyboard to type, like andriods)

    you have to manually add some sources.

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