Power Went Out


Which means, internet is back 🙂

It was horrible when the power went out..I had nothing to do. But at least there was the cached playlist on my iPad via iTube.

And..it has been raining like 90% of the time today and yesterday. Stupid rain. Trying to drown all the plants in my backyard.

Have the power ever went out for you? How did you take it?



10 thoughts on “Power Went Out

  1. The power went out a few weeks ago for like 5 minutes and me and my brother were screaming like theres no tv!!! We cant use wifi on the ipad!! NOOO so yeah we freaked out

  2. About 2 months ago, on Black Friday (I live in Canada so the date is different), right before we were going to school. We spent like, half an hour debating on whether we should walk or not and trying to figure out how open the garage without electricity. When we got to school, we found out the power was out there, too, so we spent the first quarter of the day without power. It turned out somebody had crashed into power line (might have been something else, I don’t remember) with their car, so that’s why the power went out.

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