All That They Are Good At

So in an argument, my parents said “all that the kids nowadays are good at is the internet”.

Thinking back now on it, I wanted to say that all they are good at are complaining about how this generation is different from back when they were kids.

I could say it to them right now, but it’ll be useless to talk to such narrow minded people.

My dad called looking stuff up on the internet cheating. By that same logic, looking up in a book is cheating. He also said, “Back in my day, people looked in books for the answer instead of typing and having the answer come up.” OBVIOUSLY..since they didn’t have internet back then. Thank you so much for telling me something I already know (this I also said to him)

Note to self: Don’t help parents on whatever they need help with next. (I probably won’t remember to do this but it’s the thought that counts xD)



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