Remember When..

Remember Mixpod(I know I already did a post about this but I’m still going to keep the memory living onward)? Back when it was working, almost every blog had it to make their blog more customized.

Now the only way I know of to get music onto your blog is via SoundCloud.

I also remember that there was this one blog with a page called “100 Ways to Annoy Someone” or something like that. One of the things said: “Play the same song over and over hundreds of times”.

The ironic part?

The Mixpod on that site only had one working song. Which meant that the song played over and over.



8 thoughts on “Remember When..

  1. I made my soundcloud account before I made my mixpod, lol. And you can still make the song play over and over on soundcloud, all you have to do is press Shift+N. But you have to go on the on the actual soundcloud site, I think, for it to work. Oh, and remember when you found that site called Podomatic that was sort of like mixpod? It turned out you have to upload your own songs…I forgot about that and after looking for what felt like 398430 years I got all excited until I remembered.

    Why are my comments always so long?

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