My iPad mini is now officially jailbroken!




Btw Slushi, iAP Cracker makes my apps crash when i try to buy lol



8 thoughts on “ASKLJDKLASDJ YEEESS!!

  1. congrats, we be twinning now, haha.

    really? it didn’t crash for me. maybe it’s because you have iOS 7. and I haven’t redownloaded it yet, i’ll try it out.

    • Note: jailbroken is the term for iOS devices- for android, it’s called rooting

      Jail breaking pretty much remove much of the restrictions that Apple has on their devices. It also install the Cydia store.

      You’ll be able to install tweaks for free apps, free in app purchases, ability to change fonts, allowing other browsers to be able to be as fast as Safari, change the temperature and lighting for easier reading, and much much more.

      With a jailbroken device, you have a lot more possibilities than a device that is currently “jailed”. Currently, the most recent jail breaking software is Evasi0n 7.x

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