Updated to iOS 7.1 And More

Let me just say..I’m liking the update. It also includes CarPlay! Now I just need a car that supports it..

The Slide to Unlock feature now looks different, the keyboard is slightly different, and the Slide to Shut Off is different.

The annoying change was with the keyboard. When it’s not caps locked, it looks like it is caps locked, making me click the button and turning in the caps lock .-.

So I updated. That means..*DRUM ROLL* I am no longer jailbroken! I’m free! Back into the safety of Apple’s arms.

My ipad got slow from jailbreaking(mostly cause I changed the font).

Plus, many apps have crashed when my iPad was jailbroken, but it was fun being able to do those free in app purchases anyways. Btw slushipup1903, can you find out if you are able to use LocalIAPStore or whatever to get free IAPs for PvZ2?


P.S. Heard Happy yet?


5 thoughts on “Updated to iOS 7.1 And More

  1. I haven’t tried that tweak yet.
    I haven’t downloaded tweaks for a while, my apps are constantly crashing but I don’t want to unjailbreak

      • root password? what lol
        oh for applock? i reset it using my computer so it’s all right. i deleted applock, it got really annoying and when my apps kept crashing i had to peek using the password. it’s not like i have anything to hide, i don’t have any porn.

        or was that not what you were talking about

        “I’m free!” isn’t that the point of jailbreak? “Free your (i)Device” i think that’s insanleyi’s line or something idk. i put the (i) because android can jailbreak too soo…

        • Yea..about the I’m free part I know..lol on Android it’s called rooting, but I’ll say it’s better to do because it doesn’t cause any performance issues in my experience. You can actually make your device faster by rooting and overclocking.

          And the root password thing. You see, every single iDevice has the same username and password. Username being “root” and password being “alpine”. I don’t know the specific details, but being jailbroken can allow unauthorized people to hack into your iDevice, using the default username and password. To change the password, install Terminal from Cydia (you shouldn’t have to add a repo). Then type in “su root”. That allows you to log into root. The password is “alpine”. If the password text isn’t showing on your screen, then it’s fine. It does that to protect the password.

          After that, type “change passwrd”. Then type the new password. For this part, it won’t be showing the text again. You have to type the new password twice, like on most websites when making a password.

          If “change passwrd” doesn’t work, then idk the code lol. I just know that the second part is “passwrd”

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