Slushipup1903 Hacked? Probably.


This post can be viewed here:

It seems like her blog was hacked by lolwutgoat. The fact that this was posted on April 1st though- that might suggest that it’s a prank. But then again, all her pages and everything is gone..except for her posts. Which leaves a hole in the idea that lolwutgoat hacked her, since he has always deleted the posts.

So..what do you guys think? I would especially want to hear something from Slushipup..

Either she is pulling a really good prank, or lolwutgoat is trying to be iconic.

I think this is the moment to stress having two factor authentication on, making sure you have a strong password, and keeping a recent backup of your blog on your computer. I have a page about how to make a backup. See the page called “Keeping Your Blog Safe BEFORE Getting Hacked”.

If you don’t know how to have two factor authentication on, go to Move your mouse over your WP name in the right hand corner, then click “Security”. After that, follow the steps to turn on two factor authentication.

Note: You may need to create an application password afterwards. You’ll also need a smart device, or install BlueStacks on your computer to install Google Authenticator.



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