The Magic of Groupon! (That I’m Surprised At)

I’ve actually known Groupon before today, but I thought it was just a place to buy vacation stuff.

BUT..after looking at it closer, there are AMAZING STUFF ON SALE. Like a phone normally like $900 for just $100. Crazy.

But when you look at the home products, it’s like the prices are inflated. I mean, $50 for Bounty laundry thingys?! I realized it’s like a 5 pack of the same product though. But still, seems expensive.


I want to buy something on there, because there is currently an offer on InstaGC that gives me 5% of my purchase back in points. And if I use the money I earn on InstaGC to buy Groupon stuff, it’ll be like they are paying me to get free stuff 😀



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