The Sunset of Free Realms

Read more about the sunset here:

I know FR closed a few days ago, so this post is late.


Well, FR is now essentially dead, even though it’s message board is still online. And if you try to go to, it redirects you to the SOE homepage.

The “sunset” is SOE’s way of marking the end of FR, and it’s closing. Sadly, I wasn’t there to experience it myself, but I guess I’ll have to make do with a video on YouTube.

With this event, I wonder if Wizard101 would ever close, and how I would react to it’s closing. I might even cry like how some people did with FR..there’s a lot of memories and friends I’ve made in the game.

So here’s a question:

How would you react if your favorite game closed down forever?


12 thoughts on “The Sunset of Free Realms

  1. i wouldn’t really care tbh…. i have books to comfort me although they make me cry so much and mourn over fictional characters and mentally date them… books make me go crazy… i’m a fangirl what do you expect i would kill myself if books “ended”

    srsly you would cry over w101

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