Thieves Among Classmates

We all probably have experience with something being stolen(or attempted to be). If you haven’t yet, then where the heck have you been living. Under a rock? Mhm..I though so.

Anyway, here is a short story of a *recent* experience of when someone attempted to take Egypt away from me.

It was in geography class. We had to do a PowerPoint on an African country. The catch? No student can be doing the same country as someone else.

Luckily for me, I was one of the first people to choose a country. The country I chose was Egypt, and naturally, many other people also wanted that(HAHAH LOSERS I GOT IT FIRST WHAT NOW).

I had suspected someone would try to erase what country I put down on the piece of paper with the list of countries. So I used nice, dark black ink to write my name and my country.

A few days ago, we started on the project. I was called up to my teacher desk, and I saw the piece of paper.

Someone had purposely crossed out Egypt and put Kenya next to my name.

Egypt was still readable though. So long story short, I still ended up doing Egypt, the person who was suppose to do Kenya did Kenya, and whoever dare tried to take Egypt away from me hopefully suffered the consequences.



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