I Don’t Even..

Remember how previously the most craved game was Flappy Bird?

Well, now its something else, and its on the opposite end of the spectrum.

A TON of people at my school are now playing a number game called 2048. It went from a mindless game of simple tapping to a game focused on speed and math. What. Just. Happened.


There’s a screen shot of it on the Play Store.

Personally, this seems like a nerd game, or maybe its just my resentment towards randomly popular games talking.



11 thoughts on “I Don’t Even..

  1. dude it’s so addicting. and it’s not really a math game. all the people i know who played this, including me, thought it was a math game, and now we’re all addicted. well and i’m asian so math game woohoo lmao my highest tile is 512. i had it before it became popular at my school >.> like last friday

  2. I love that game, it’s not a math game though you just match the numbers and try to get 2018. Simple but hard to win…

    • Oh..well in the description of the app, it said something about moving numbers and if it adds up to something blah blah blah.. Glad I know the objective of the game now, but once you get 2018, then that’s all there is to it?

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