Running Toward Goals

On Friday, my PE class had to run a mile (and it was a test too) so I had to get within around 8 minutes for an A.

I ended up jogging the entire mile, without any break, and got it in 9 minutes and 40 seconds. YAAAAAAAAY!!!

That was my best time ever.

Before it was our class’s turn to run the mile on the track, there was this guy who, at the end of his final lap, ran even faster to get to the finish. I don’t know how that inspired me to try jogging the entire mile, but it did.

Now, I’m thinking of running the entire next mile too 🙂



5 thoughts on “Running Toward Goals

    • Wow..when I was in sixth grade, we only needed at least 13 min to pass, and of course there were a few exceptions. It was pretty much, as long as you showed that you did your best, you got credit.

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