Photoshop Tutorials Coming Soon

To download a free* version of Photoshop, see here:

Anyways, I’m thinking of posting some Photoshop tutorials soon! (If I can keep this feeling, it WILL happen).

Here is just some things I think you need to know when getting started with Photoshop(Note: I will be using CS6 for the tutorials, although it’s still pretty much the same thing in CS2):

History Panel– The history panel shows every click that you’ve done, assuming it has affected your file in any way.

Once you download Photoshop and open it, it might be worth it to change how many items are stored in the History before they are deleted. To do this, go to Edit>Preferences>Performance>History and Cache Section, then change the number of History States. The default is 20. I suggest moving it to at least 400. Personally, I prefer mines at 1000, which is the max.

The Selection Tools– You use these to select and isolate only certain areas of your file.

A situation where you would want to use one of these is to remove a certain part of a picture. You would then be able to use the Magic Wand tool (third red box) and click on the part that you want to remove, then click backspace on your keyboard to remove it. You can also select what you want to keep, then Inverse it to select everything else BUT what was originally selected. To Inverse, click Shift+Ctrl+I.

Layers- With layers, you can imagine it like pieces of paper. When you add a layer, it’s like adding another piece of paper on top of what you already have. You can make layers hidden, show them, or move the order of layers. You can also mess with the opacity of the layers or change the layer effects.



Aaaannnnddd…that’s all I have for now. The rest of the tools are fairly obvious, such as the Move tool. I would just open it up and experiment with what’s there, and try things out.

Stay tuned for more.


*Technically, you can only install and use these IF you already have purchased Photoshop CS2 and still need to use it for some reason. A similar technically applies to Facebook account holders having to be 13 years of age. I’m not suggesting anything- just merely pointing that out.


2 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorials Coming Soon

    • lol hate to break the news to you, but that layer was named that because it was a text layer that I had rasterized. (just ignore this if it ruined the vibe 😮 )

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