A *Little* Late..but it’s Gay Pride Month!

June was declared Gay Pride month due to a thing happening somewhere that I just read about but forgot.

If you happen to be part of the LGBT community (that’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered for you), then just remember you aren’t alone. There are a TON of resources you can use, such as this one here: http://www.glnh.org

Personally, I know 2 people who are bi, and one who identifies as pan.

If someone comes out of the closet to you, the least thing they’ll like is for you to overreact, dismiss it, and/or never speak to them again. Because that’s just very douche-y Because that isn’t really nice. PFLAG is a great resource to use if you are in this situation.

Good luck!

~ *Swag-master* Jeff (As my friend calls me XD 😂)


5 thoughts on “A *Little* Late..but it’s Gay Pride Month!

  1. i know 1 person with a gay relative, 1 person with a trans relative, a nonbinary person, and a person at my school who is trans

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