AYEEE..Why Must You Troll Me eBay

The ONE time I accidentally overbidded what I can afford on an iPhone 4, I end up getting it. Seriously.

I’m $20 short, and that means I’m frantically trying to earn $20 today on InstaGC so I can buy for $91 (shipping cost included in total). That’s okay..except what makes me nervous is that NOBODY else bidded, which makes me feel like I ripped myself off.

The listing came with the iPhone 4 (Verizon)  in like-new condition, with used charger, and brand new earbuds. DID I RIP MYSELF OFF?!? My parents use T-Mobile, so that means if I want a plan with it, then I’ll have to get Verizon.

At least I can turn my phone into a hotspot for free then?


The seller has sent me a message on eBay regarding it already..and what freaks me out is that she also followed me on eBay.  .______.





5 thoughts on “AYEEE..Why Must You Troll Me eBay

  1. you can get one for free on the apple website if you’re eligible. if you don’t currently have a phone plan you can get the phone for free but you have to pay for the contract, with at&t, verizon, and sprint, you can also get t-mobile but it’s really expensive

    i tried transferring my number but i wasn’t eligible lol

    • lol..yea, I know I can get an iPhone 4S for free with a contract..so if I do get an iPhone 4 and use it with Verizon, it would be better to just get a newer iPhone version and for free too. I’m still like really tempted to buy it for $91 though since it’s the only one I won, and it seems like it was a good deal that, luckily, nobody else stole from me at the last second for a few dollars more (WHICH SOMEONE HAS FREAKING DONE TO ME BEFORE).

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