“My Thoughts on Fantage Blogs” Response? Counterpost? SOMETHING LIKE THAT

Post has  been updated to reflect on Britney’s own updates to her own post.

Read Britney’s original post here: http://myrandomguide.wordpress.com/2014/07/23/my-thoughts-on-fantage-blogs/

Note: This post is not for hate. Or causing it.

Y’know, at first I agreed with the post, although it may seem a little harsh. But I’d just like to point out a few things that Britney wrote:

1) Those Fantage edits? Show them to your friends and they’ll literally leave you.

That..words can’t explain how overexaggerated that is.  A friend shouldn’t leave you just because you’re interested in a game- the example above is like a friend leaving you just because you drew a picture of Harry Potter. And showed it to them.

2) You’re editing other people’s pixel art and adding your own clothes and you ask people to credit you? It’s not your art in the first place and all you’re doing is stealing other people’s art and claiming it as your own by fixing it up a bit.

I mean, isn’t that pretty much what you do? You use Fantage’s character as a base, add some hair and other items, and you call it your own and you don’t let other people use it.

Why doesn’t Fantage make people credit their stuff then? 😉 Since it’s theirs in the first place?

Actually..that’s pretty much true. In the TOS on the Fantage website, it states: “You agree not to sell, download, remove, reproduce, modify, perform, publish, disseminate, broadcast, reverse-engineer, decompile, or disassemble any materials found on this site to any third party without the express prior written permission of Fantage.com Inc.” But I’m certain they know people are doing it anyways. They just haven’t taken legal action against such people probably because they’re currently okay with it, but keep in mind they can take action at anytime.

3) Would your friends approve of you playing a virtual game that involves childish acts? Do you know how silly that sounds?

That does sound silly. You shouldn’t need your friends’ approval to play a game. I don’t need friends to approve of me playing Wizard101 or not. In fact, most of my friends don’t even play it, but that doesn’t make them less or more of a friend. It’s just one less thing I have in common with them.

4) You people that own a Fantage blog? You think that you have a lot of hits and followers because you’re good at writing and that you’re talented?

I can tell you that I know  for sure that your blog isn’t that good, and the only reason people visit it is to use you.

Whether it’s people coming to search for free accounts, cheats, hacks, or glitches, they’re coming not because they like your blog and its content in general, but they like the things you provide to them for free.

That’s exactly the point of a Fantage blog. To provide help and content to others, whether it’s giving out guides, glitches, free accounts, or cheats. If that’s not “its content in general”, I don’t know what is.

5) The main thing I want to say is: you shouldn’t keep this up. Blogging about a virtual pixel world is good but it shouldn’t be long term and you still need your education and lean to blog about other stuff too. Don’t make your life revolve around the Internet because you’ll have to face reality too. You can’t pay the bills by writing about a game for your life. Get a life is what I’m saying, but I’m trying to say it in a way that has a reason. Don’t stay hidden behind that computer screen and find something else to do.

I would say this is true..if you are being overly obsessive about it. It’s possible to have an education, a life, and a job, all while blogging about Fantage. Just do whatever is enjoyable- do what you like to do, and don’t let others tell you what you can’t or can’t do (assuming it isn’t illegal, but then I guess there HAS to be a country SOMEWHERE where what you want to do is legal, right?).

In fact, a (former) Wizard101 blogger, The Friendly Necromancer, used to post almost constantly daily, until he was hired by KingsIsle(the company who created Wizard101) to work as a head of something for Pirate101. In addition, there’s a TON of adults out there who have great lives, yet still write and do Wizard101 related things. Some of them are official fansite owners for W101. They don’t get paid for doing that, but they enjoy it (oh, and they do it long term, too).

It’s true to not let your life revolve around the Internet, although linking that with blogging about Fantage seems a little harsh.

And I mean, it IS possible to make money while blogging about Fantage. If you are using WordPress.com, and you qualify, then you can use WordAds to make some money whenever someone views your blog and sees the ad (it pays per pageview, I believe, and not per click). I think currently, only Princess MooMoo’s Fantage blog has enough daily views to qualify to sign up for WordAds (which I think she really should do).


And that pretty much concludes it. There were other things that I’d like to point out, but they’re mostly just opinion(s) which I feel like she’s entitled to have and express. I am not saying that these points I pointed out aren’t opinions or that she isn’t entitled to them- I just simply wanted to point out..what’s wrong with them, I guess is the way to describe it. Or narrowminded. Whatever you want to describe them as.


What’s your opinion on all of this?

Post has been updated to add a number 5.



11 thoughts on ““My Thoughts on Fantage Blogs” Response? Counterpost? SOMETHING LIKE THAT

  1. I was exaggerating for the most part of the post but I agree with most of your responses. IDK but I don’t think I expressed what I was trying to say about the um part about the coming to your blog for fantage accounts and hacks n stuff. I kinda meant that they didn’t come to your blog because of your lifestyle posts and anything besides Fantage. Wow, I don’t know what I’m saying hehe. I was really rude as hell in the post because I was ranting huehuehue.

    I know that friends won’t leave you just because you play a game or that wouldn’t be a true friend but friends will think you’re weird for playing a game like Fantage (that’s what I think at least tbh). I think other virtual worlds are fine; and I don’t even have anything against other games. ^-^

    • Note: my own post has also been updated

      Yea..rants can sometimes be weird like that. lol

      I’m glad you also noticed what I noticed myself.

      “I kinda meant that they didn’t come to your blog because of your lifestyle posts and anything besides Fantage.” Well, that kinda makes the point that it is a fantage blog lol. what u updated in ur post that sounds weird together is that it says “they don’t come for your lifestyle posts or anything about things not fantage related, but you should lean towards writing about other things than fantage”.

      What I don’t really get is why do you have a thing against Fantage lol; was it just bc you used to play it but not anymore?

      Also, I would have replied sooner, but I never got the notification for this.

  2. Tbh, i think she was exaggerating most of the time…. *my opinion only* and most of us already quit Fantage and deketed their blogs. I only kept mine and just abandoned it and check back like once every 2 weeks.

  3. I barely even post about Fantage anymore LOOOL
    But, to be honest, you could play a game with asking your friends’ permission.
    so yeah
    And a friend who leaves you just because of that is a fake friend, and it would be better without them
    mkay its official
    i’m socially awkward

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