My Thoughts On “No Offense But..”

Those inevitable words following something that someone thinks might offend you, but doesn’t want to offend you. Examples include:

  • “No offense but I don’t think that dress matches your earrings..”
  • “No offense but I think you shouldn’t go with a hot pink Tundra. Flames or not.”
  •  “No offense but you’re ugly.”
  • “No offense but I ran over your cat with my spiked-tire monster truck twice.”


Saying “no offense” doesn’t really make it less offensive than it is (sometimes).


If you have to say “no offense” combined with something else, then maybe you need to rethink it. No offense.


If your crush had said “No offense but you’re ugly”..well, it makes it SLIGHTLY (emphasis on slightly) less hard to take in than if they say, didn’t say “no offense”, or did it while smacking you with a frying pan. (AlthoughItWouldHaveBeenBetterIfTheyDidn’tCallYouUglyAtAll)


I don’t even know what this post is about. lol /JustMeContinuingOnTheFad






14 thoughts on “My Thoughts On “No Offense But..”

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