My Thought On a Statement about Gays and the Like

Let’s get straight (is this a pun?) to the point; the statement commonly said among some is that the LGBT community chose to be LGBT.

Now, before we continue, let’s go over the comparison to being straight, versus being gay:

-No prosecution whatsoever.
-Has full rights, compared to similar peers, in all states
-Receives no bullying for being straight
-Receives no hatred by most people for being straight

-Receives prosecution
-Has limited rights in some states, such as having their marriage suddenly invalid once moving to another state where it is not legal, however possible that is
-Receives bullying for being gay
-Receives hatred by some people for being gay

Now, back to the statement. It says that you choose to be gay. Now, after reading the list above, why would anyone in their right mind CHOOSE to be gay over being straight.

I feel like that alone is enough to disprove that statement. But in addition, there has been scientific evidence leading to show that people are born that way, the same way you are born straight.

But then why do people embrace themselves being gay? Because that’s who they are. The only way to find true happiness in life first starts with finding yourself, and accept yourself for who you are.

I feel like this statement is completely stupid, with no logical thought whatsoever, put simply.


On a somewhat related note, why is gay marriage even banned in some states? If gay people were allowed to marry, it is better in every regard; the economy is improved, and thus, employers are willing to hire more people, thus more people earn more money. Also, you are letting two people who are deeply affectionate with each other to join together in a very special ritual, that shouldn’t be restricted based on skin color, religion, or sexual orientation.

The only reason why I see gay marriage as bad is for religious reasons, but the first amendment of the constitution clearly separates religion and state. Religion shouldn’t influence AT ALL what is legal or what is not. Having religion influence such a thing is clearly a violation of the first amendment.


I’d love to hear your thoughts! What do you think? Let me know below.


13 thoughts on “My Thought On a Statement about Gays and the Like

  1. I dont hate/bully/dislike gay people, cause I guess I do have some gay friends and who am I to judge others. But for my religion, it’s against it (Christianity) to have gay marriage and stuff like that. That’s why I dont particularly support it but I dont discourage it because people can do what they want and not everybody follows the same belief system as I do. I guess it just depends on what you believe or how you see what is right and wrong. Gay people shouldn’t be judged but this world isnt fair and there are mean people out there.. But your statement is true and I love how you said it’s part of finding themselves cause that’s true and it’ll help them.

    • thanks for giving insight about that; Christianity does mention that it is against itself to have gay marriage about that. because of that, it confuses me that some christian people completely ignore that part of the Bible (not that it is a bad thing). I remember reading somewhere that they didn’t thought bad of gays and all that because the Bible says not to judge people, despite it also saying that being gay and all that is wrong.

      • oh that part confuses me (being gay is against but not to judge people) but I think possibly that being gay was against some kind of rule back then. I’m not sure either, I’ll try searching it up. Thanks for that I didnt realize that!

        • Yeah..I know of several things in the Bible that seems confusing when seeing both entries. I don’t remember them by heart, but if you ever want me to tell you, you can ask.

          i’m glad that you are open-minded unlike some other people, lol.

          Back then, i suppose we were scared of “different” people; now that we have a better understanding, “different” isn’t always so different.

          • lol..well just from what i’ve read about what u were saying, you seem fairly open minded.

            I’m not necessarily saying that your google search was wrong, but sometimes its better to interpret things in your own way, instead of reading what others say and just taking it as true; that doesn’t mean you can’t be influenced by it, nor am I saying that you were blindly taking in what the person was saying. I’m merely stating this for future reference, and for anyone else whom decides to read this.

          • yeah , I guess so. It kinda just helped by pointing out those verses cause I havent read all of those before. In the link the guy said that basically the gay people are sinning and that we arent judging, but im pretty sure that we still are judging even if being gay is a sin. Cause some Christians do hate on gay people. not sure but that’s my opinion haha

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