Glossier Skin Care Giveaway!

Glossier is a skin care company that offers a line of products that are “easy to use”(as per their description on their website), and acts more like an IRL Instagram filter than totally covering things up. Their products are not tested on animals at all, which makes them even better.

They are releasing a new product next week- a coconut balm. As a promotion, they are giving away the new product as long as you have told 5 friends about the brand. If you end up getting 10 friends, you will also get a soothing face mask, and at 30 friends, you will get a Summer Edition Phase 1 set, which is valued at $80!

If you become one of the top 3 referrers, you will also get a $250 Airline Voucher.

What’s in it for you necessarily? I am letting you be aware of the promotion so you can have a shot at getting free products. To get started, click here.



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