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114 thoughts on “Ask Me!

    • Guy hair right? I want that hair too, and I don’t know the gem combo..

      I’m just guessing that it is a ultra rare or legendary item.

      If you are asking for a specific set of gems that will guarantee that you will get the item, there isn’t one. You get a random item every time you put in gems, but that random item would be something that you didn’t have, and it would have to be in the same class as what Orion said you will get (e.g. He said you will get a ultra rare item..and you will get a random ultra rare item).

  1. uhm this is not exacty a question but I sent an e-mail to you and Pinkstarbritney just today with a $10 CND Karma Koin wanting to buy a Fantage account called “for” and I still haven’t gotten any replies yet so like are you guys only accepting USD?

    …And before that I’ve e-mailed Britney too and commented on her Fantage Market page too but no replies.

    Are you guys on vaca?

    Please excuse me if I missed something about Fantage Market rules but its just that I’ve not gotten any replies.

    • Okay…you want to buy a 3 letter account? I never knew anyone wanted one lol..ANYWAYS..I am not a part of Fantage Market, so I can’t help with you as much as I want to.

      Do you have a Facebook? Add and message Britney Luffs Pink about it.

      If you want me to, I can also tell her myself. But it would be best if you did it.

      Oh..and if you want a custom 3-letter fantage user, you can buy one from me for $5 instead of her $10 😛 but I would only accept Paypal..

      • I wanted to buy the account because there’s really good stuff in the inventory (unless she takes it all out before handing it to me?). I can make a 3 letter… I think on a Fantage phone app or something…

      • uh… I wanted to buy the account because I’VE SEEN IT ON FANTAGE BEFORE WITH AWESOME CLOTHES ON (like beta and stuff) and with another girl with the username “ina”

  2. Could you go bother Pinkstarbritney for me again pleaes?
    She said she would give me bombshell.
    I commented on her blog and sent her e-mails she’s not replying.

  3. Am I the only one who read through that whole conversation between you and Mrgrn?


    Well, what is your favorite color?

    • Yea..i like reading. My favorite books are those by Rick Ridoran..i only really read books by him now, since I know they are really good, and I dont read as much as I used to

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