Do you have a blog?

Do you have a blog (or other site) ? Just comment it below!

Example blogs can include my sister’s and my cousin’s!

Comment your blog below! If I think its good enough, then I will put it on other great blogs!

I will remove the link to your website if it falls into any of the below categories:

  • Blocked by the Chrome, Firefox, or IE browser
  • Blocked by McAfee
  • Blocked by Bitdefender
  • If any security suite says the link is untrustworthy
  • If it contains illegal content
  • If it contains pornographic content
  • If 35%-100% of the side tells lies (e.g Weekly World News is a site that would fall into this category)
  • If it contains a large sum of racist content
  • If it is a domain for sale
  • If the website’s main purpose is to phish for accounts, numbers, pin, or any other sort of information

We reserve the right to remove your link even though it may not fall into any of the categories above.



65 thoughts on “Do you have a blog?

  1. yay
    both very pop blogs bahahahahha by a very dedicated awesome person named cloudy o.o (WHICH IS TOTALLY NOT ME YA IM NOT LYING UH HUH)

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