How to Put a Background to a Text

^That is what we want to achieve.

To do this, first you’ll need to create a new document by going to File>New.

When you do that, this would show up:

What’s important to pay attention to is the Width and Height (and the other stuff in red). Adjust your file accordingly. For the resolution, I recommend 150, and Color Mode is CMYK, although RGB would work. Note that printers print in CMYK, and not RGB, so if you chose RGB, then the document may be discolored when you print.

Next, go to your tools and select the Type tool.

Use either the horizontal or vertical type tool.

Next, drag a box onto your document. If you just click, it will create an infinite text box, and we don’t need that right now.

Select your font and its settings, then type into the text box.

Next, go to File>Place to place in an image. Make sure the image layer is above your type layer.

Click on the image layer, then to go Layer>Create Clipping Mask or press Alt+Ctrl+G on your keyboard.

Viola! The picture should now be in the text. You can move the picture around or the text around. In order to stop them from moving seperately, hold down Ctrl and select both of the layers by clicking on them, then right click, and press Link Layers.



Any questions? Feel free to comment them below!



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