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This story has no official title..but it has Snow White, Cinderella, and some other fairytale characters..

Part 1-The Future

Cinderella glanced out the window. Her old grandfather clock ticked in the background. The sky darkened in the distance, forming an eerie glow. Ever since her fairy tale gig, she decided to take up in the detective profession.

Cinderella was surprised to find Grumpy, a short, ill-tempered dwarf, when she turned around. Thunder roared outside as rain poured from the heavens.

“Grumpy! What are you doing here?” questioned Cinderella.

“Snow White is missing,”replied Grumpy.

Upon hearing these words, Cinderella raced outside toward Snow’s house through the pouring rain. Cinderella arrived at Snow’s house dripping wet. Since Cinderella learned a few simple spells from wizard study book, by which she acquired from her fairy godmother, she casted a spell to dry herself. Cinderella opened the door. Inside, she discovered a DVD. She played it in Snow White’s television. Snow appeared on the screen.

“If you find this, it means I’m in danger,”spoke Snow.,”I have hidden clues around the house to help you find me.”

The video ended. Cinderella sat there dumbfounded. She noticed a word search on the table with every letter crossed out except ‘A’,’I’,’C’, and ‘O’. Cinderella figured this was a clue and stuffed the paper into her pocket. She strode around the house looking for more clues. Cinderella opened the door and the scent of lotus flowers blasted into her face. The strong scent made her eyes water, but she still peered into the room. The only thing interesting in the room was a brightly colored Hawaii poster that read,”RIVERS Hawaii Paradise”. She continued looking. Cinderella saw opened pickle jars with with the word,”Canopic” on it. Grumpy appeared behind Cinderella.

“I saw the video. You found anything yet?” asked Grumpy.

Cinderella told him of the things she saw-and smelled.

Statues of ancient gods, such as Serqet, Zeus, and Vulcan, lined the hallway. A small wax statue stood in their path. Grumpy and Cinderella maneuvered around the figure. The rain cascaded brutally as lighting struck a tree outside. Cinderella felt that she searched enough.

“Seriously? Egypt?” protested Grumpy.

“Yeah. Be quiet. Its going to be a long flight,”asserted Cinderella.

Cinderella sat in the comfy chair of the plane she and Grumpy boarded five minutes ago. She snoozed as the events from earlier today surged its way into her mind.

Not knowing what dangers laid ahead in Cairo for Cinderella, she peacefully drifted off to sleep, just as the plane was easing its way toward the gift of the Nile.

Part 2- The Beginning

“Snow…I won’t let you down..”Cinderella thought as she fell into the depths of sleep.

Cinderella had always had vivid dreams, but none was ever as vibrant as this one.

It was a dark day. Ever since marrying with the prince, the empire crippled slowly. The kind laid on his deathbed with Cinderella at his side. Her son wasn’t there.

“The king is on his last breath. He may not make it another day,” stated the royal doctor.

Cinderella waved him away. She didn’t want to believe the inevitable, but she had to.

“You’ll be okay,” whispered Cinderella to the dying king.

The honored king died later that day.

It has now been a year since his death. The throne has been given to his son.

“Servant! Get the carriage ready! I am going to visit Snow’s palace,” commanded Cinderella.

“Yes,” replied the servant.

When Cinderella arrived, Snow was there to greet her. Snow shooed the servants away. Cinderella and Snow walked alongside each other in the courtyard.

“How have you been?” inquired Snow.

“Good..the kingdom is now in great prosperity.” replied Cinderella.

They heard a quick flap of clothing. Snow grabbed Cinderella and swiftly moved her. Cinderella gasped. Right where she used to be standing, a short blade lay stuck in the stone pathway. Three ninjas came down from the roof above.

“Who are you? Who sent you?” demanded Cinderella.

The masked men in black bowed. “We are skilled warriors of the king. He sent us to make sure both you and Snow perish.”

Cinderella’s mind was racing. She staggered and fainted. Snow caught her. The ninjas took out their long swords and proceeded to complete their task. Quick to think, Snow threw 3 needles that she was hiding in her sleeve at them. Each individual needle hit each individual ninja in the neck. All of them fell dead.

Pain and confusion filled Cinderella’s head.

“Wha..what..happened? questioned Cinderella.

“The king issued for our deaths..” whimpered Snow.

Cinderella never noticed it before, but a musty scent filled the dark cavern she was in.

Cinderella quickly stood up. “ did happen. What about the servants? Where are we?”

Snow sighed,”I gave each servant some money and told them to go back to their homeland. We are with the 12 dwarfs. Here, we will be safe..and never age..until this place loses its magic..”

“CINDERELLA!” yelled a voice.

Cinderella woke up, startled.

“Cinderella, the plane landed. We’re in Cairo,” said Grumpy wearily.

I need to stop thinking about the past, thought Cinderella to herself.

When Cinderella and Grumpy stepped out of the plane, the sun greeted them with a blast of heat.


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